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Extrusion, also known as extrusion, is a plastic forming process and one of the important methods of thermoplastic forming.

Extrusion is to heat the plastic material and make it viscous flow. Under the action of pressure, through the extrusion die, it becomes a continuous body with the same cross-section as the shape of the die. Then it is cooled and shaped to glass state, and plastic products with certain geometry and size are obtained by cutting.

For example, in the extruder, the material is heated and pressurized to become a melt flow state, and then extruded continuously from the die to form, which is called extrusion. This method can produce tubes, bars, rods, membranes, sheets, profiles, wires, etc.


Water supply pipes, drainage pipes, threading pipes, anti-corrosion insulation pipes, water pipes, pull-out pipes, inner and outer wall pipes, PE pipes, PP pipes, PVC pipes, wires, etc.