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    With the help of powerful R&D department, the company is growing to develop new application products. And through the SGS company ROHS certification. As a trusted partner in the supply chain, the company has passed international regulations and strictly abided by quality standards, reassuring many global plastic processors. We have been developing color and additive concentrates in a strictly controlled environment.

    In order to promote the modernization of enterprise management, we should take international quality management system standard as an important measure related to the survival and development of enterprises and implement it. All enterprises that have passed the certification have reached the industry standard in the integration of various management systems, which shows that enterprises can continuously and steadily provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products. The company strictly requires itself with the standard, and has launched the quality policy and goal:

    1. Take customer demand as the center, take customer satisfaction as the standard, innovate constantly and improve continuously.

    2. Scientific management, continuous improvement, strive for perfection, customer satisfaction.

    3. Market-oriented, talent-based, quality-based survival and efficiency-based development.

    We have strict raw material inspection laboratories and excellent quality control personnel. You will enjoy our high quality service while using high quality products.