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Basic areas of White Masterbatch

Pv:Source: Huaxiang PlasticRelease Time:2019-03-13

Masterbatch is a plastic colorant which is well dispersed by high proportion of pigments or additives and thermoplastic resins. The selected resin has good wetting and dispersing effect on the colorant, and has good compatibility with the colored material. That is: pigments + carriers + additives = masterbatches. Masterbatch colouring is the most commonly used plastic colouring method nowadays.

Masterbatch is a new coloring product of plastics and fibers developed in the 1960s. It is a composite of polymers prepared by attaching supernormal and uniform pigments to resins. Although this problem is simple, there are many possibilities, specifically:

1. The masterbatch has not been carefully tested, and the amount of paint is too little or too much.

2. Measurement is inaccurate in use, and there are a large number of random measurement phenomena in domestic enterprises, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises.

3. There are problems in matching colour masterbatch with resin. This may be the improper choice of carrier for colour masterbatch or the random change of resin varieties by the manufacturer.

4. The inappropriate temperature of the machine, especially on the high side, causes the color masterbatch to stay in the machine for too long, which causes the color powder to burn off.

White masterbatches are generally used in plastic products industries such as injection moulding, blow moulding, wire drawing, casting, extrusion, film blowing, foaming, sheet material, pipe material, granulation, hollow, EVA, bottle blowing, sheet material, household appliances, toys, packaging materials, wires and cables, plastic bags, automobiles, building materials, sports and leisure products, packaging bags, packaging bottles, etc. Applicable to plastic raw materials PE, PO, PP, ABS, PVC, etc.