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What are the advantages of masterbatch dyeing compared with traditional float dyeing?

Pv:Source: Huaxiang PlasticRelease Time:2019-03-13

The traditional method of plastics coloring is float dyeing or float dyeing granulation. The plastics processing plant with this method must have coloring equipment and necessary special technology. The color masterbatch is superior in all aspects. So what are its advantages? The advantages are as follows:

(1) Uniform dispersion and good quality

Because the color masterbatch pretreats the pigments, the particle size of the pigments can be guaranteed between 1 and 20 m, so the color of the plastic products is bright, especially for some films, monofilaments and fibers with high strength and appearance requirements.

(2) Low cost of products

The cost of products colored with masterbatch is lower than that of products made by float dyeing, especially for products with small batch size and frequency of color change. It is reported that the cost of colouring can be reduced by one third.

(3) Color matching technology and simple operation

Only according to the technical requirements of the color masterbatch factory, the color masterbatch and the color masterbatch can be mixed with a simple rotary drum to obtain the required color and the products with various technical requirements. This technology is especially suitable for factories with weak technical strength at the equipment level.

(4) Good operating environment

Because the dyeing masterbatch is granular and has no pigment dust, the dust is flying in the operation to reduce pollution, which is conducive to civilized production.